K. S. Venkataraman

K.S.Venkataraman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences from PSG Collge of Technology, Coimbatore and a Master’s Degree in Non-destructive Testing from Brunel University, UK specializing in the application of TOFD for complex geometries. Has been involved in Advanced NDE Techniques for the last 15 years. Has specific interests in the application of Advanced NDE techniques for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Fabrication Industries.

Specialities include among others, Ultrasonic Testing of Welds, Pipelines for corrosion assessment, Guided Wave testing, Online Monitoring techniques for corrosion assessment and Reliable Tube Testing of Heat Exchangers, Boiler and Air Fin Cooler Tubes. Is involved in training of clients and personnel in various Advanced NDE techniques. One of the founders and current managers of the Advanced NDE business of Escon Technologies group which has offices in Malaysia, Singapore and India and covering major clients all over South and South-East Asia.